12V electric self-priming pump


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[name] 12V electric pump, fuel pump, oil pump, self-priming diesel pump, oil pump, oil pump

Model: CY-007 Voltage: DC12V-13.5V 12V.24V Maximum current: 5A Maximum power: 60W

Diesel: about 250L / hour

Oil (40 degrees ~ 60 degrees): about 1L / minute wire length: 2.5 meters (automobile battery power supply) or cigarette lighter power supply hose length: inlet pipe length 1.2M, outer diameter 6MM inner diameter 4MM oil pipe length 1.5M, outside Trail 12MM inner diameter 10MM

Single inner box size: 25*18*9CM

Material: engineering plastic
Uses: diesel pump
Specifications: DC12V oil pump set


undefined undefined [Operation]: The oil gun can be made by simply pulling the oil gauge over the engine. The fluid pump works by connecting the clamp to the battery of the car.

This high efficiency fuel pump is ideal for quick cleaning and emptying.
It is ideal for pumping motor oil, crude oil and heating oil.
For installation, simply place the inlet and outlet hoses in place, attach the power clip to the car battery, and press the button.
This process is very simple and you can do it yourself to make sure your engine is working properly.

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Weight 930.0 kg
Dimensions 250 × 90 × 180 cm



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