3 half digital display DC voltmeter


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Product Features
The power supply voltage is optional DC5V, DC12V, DC24V, AC/DC48~250V (AC220V applicable)
Isolation type means that the power supply and the signal under test are isolated inside the instrument and do not share the ground
Using isolated meters, multiple meters can share a power supply
The meter has a built-in reliable measuring circuit with high accuracy and good stability
Direct measurement of positive and negative DC voltage 0~±199.9V, resolution 0.1V
Standard three and a half digits display, measurement accuracy: ±0.3%FS±3Digit
Using red 0.56 inch digital tube display, beautiful appearance
The shell adopts standard embedded semi-sealed shell, easy to install
Outline size: 43 high × 79 wide mm (thickness less than 38mm), installation opening: 39.5 high × 77 wide mm

Additional information

Weight 220.0 kg
Dimensions 63 × 99 × 58 cm

DC5V isolated type, DC24V isolated type, AC DC48 250V, DC7 24V, DC5V, DC7 12V


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