Three-wire DC voltage meter 0.56-inch LED digital voltmeter


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●High precision 

 ● Low starting voltage, red minimum 4.5V, green minimum 5.0V, blue minimum 5.0V. 

 ●With reverse connection protection, it will not burn.


Technical Parameters: 

 Measuring range


 Power supply range

Red DC4.50-30.0V, green DC4.70-30.0V, blue DC5.00-30.0V 

Highest input

DC30.0V. Note: The input voltage is higher than 30V and may be permanently damaged!

Allowable error

±1%; the error is ±0.3V when it is greater than or equal to 10V; the error is ±0.10 when it is less than 10V 

 Input resistance

> 100K Europe

Working current

Red < 23mA, green < 18mA, blue < 13mA

Refresh rate

About 300mS once 

 Display method

Three 0.56″ LED digital tube 

 Display color

Red, green, blue optional 

 Lead length



48 x 29 x 22 mm, length X width X thickness; 

 Mounting holes

46 x 27 mm 

 Operating temperature


Additional information

Weight 46.0 kg

Red, Blue, Green


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